Beauparc deliver ‘industry-first’ fully recycled & coloured wheelie bin

As part of Beauparc’s drive towards net zero, the business launched their latest initiative last night to a 100 strong audience of colleagues, customers and suppliers.

With guests gathering at the Everyman cinema in Leeds, Beauparc produced a film premiere which illustrated the project development from concept to realisation.

Beauparc demonstrated how this true and authentic circular initiative takes waste post-consumer plastic from collected sources, combines it with shredded plastic from broken wheelie bins and blends it to create brand-coloured new wheeled bins.

Previously, virgin material and additional pigment was required to add colour and stability to the blend, however, investment by Beauparc to better separate post-consumer plastic now delivers re-processed, recycled material.  This change has enabled modifications to the original manufacturing process.

Originally developed by one of Beauparc’s UK businesses, Mountain Recycling, the project was led by Abigail Johnson to combat the need to use virgin material to produce their ‘orange’ branded wheeled bins.

Abigail commented ‘Until now we have had to use 100% virgin material to produce our orange-coloured branded bins.  That for me has been a real conflict, not only for the group’s sustainability values but for me personally.  With this initiative, we’re absolutely leading the way with resource recovery and recycling.  The technologies we have in place at our processing facilities are advanced and multi-layered which means that we are really pushing the boundaries of recycling capabilities and what we contribute towards the circular economy’.

The initiative not only benefits Mountain Recycling customers but is now being rolled out to other businesses within the Beauparc group.

Beauparc CEO, Brian McCabe spoke to the audience and commented ‘Tonight marks a real step forward towards our net zero ambition.  It gives me great pleasure to see so many colleagues and customers at the event and be surrounded by so many sustainability leaders.  We chose to launch this project in the same UK city that we launched our first group carbon net zero waste collections.  The team has worked hard to deliver this initiative which will benefit our customers and their carbon journey but more importantly, will work towards the industry demanding change and stop the use of virgin plastic material in wheeled bins’.

Attending the event, Steve Eminton editor of Lets Recycle made reference to a global pattern whereby businesses want to be involved in sustainability.

Steve commented ‘Today we might just be talking about recycled bins from recycled plastics but for this industry, recycled plastics is fantastic, it’s on everyone’s agenda.

What has been achieved with this project is akin to upcycling.  Beauparc has demonstrated a history of taking a source material and finding a use for it.

Customers can now demonstrate that they are using recycled materials in their waste services’.