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Mid UK Recycling

Acquired by Beauparc in 2019, Mid-UK Recycling are a leading waste management company with a proven record of working with businesses and local authorities to achieve a genuine 100% landfill diversion. With an in-house collection fleet working nationwide and multiple processing sites in the East Midlands they offer an innovative approach to waste management and recycling.

Mid-UK Recycling has invested in the latest infrastructure and specialises in sustainable resource extraction, processing and recycling. They are dedicated to helping their customers to reduce their environmental impact by continued research and development in new and advanced technologies.

Sustainable Resource Extraction, Processing and Recycling


WSR Recycling

Acquired by Beauparc in 2017, WSR Recycling is a leading waste management, recycling and resource recovery business based in North West England. WSR provides a wide range of collection, reception, recycling, transfer and disposal services to its customers.

Every year, WSR processes in excess of 200,000 tpa of waste through its facilities in Widnes, Cheshire, Northwest England.

Waste Management


New Earth Solutions

In 2016, Beauparc acquired Uk-based waste processing company, New Earth Solutions. New Earth Solutions provides sustainable waste treatment services to a variety of local authority and commercial customers.

Based primarily in Dorset, in the United Kingdom, New Earth Solutions operates five mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plants. These plants are located in: Avonmouth, Canford, Cotesbach, Blaise and Sharpness.

Sustainable Waste
Treatment Services

scotwaste recycling logo (002)

In 2018, Beauparc acquired Scotwaste. Scotwaste collect, treat and recycle waste material for local and national customers in the domestic, industrial, commercial and municipal sectors.

Their state of the art MRF facility is based in Bathgate, West Lothian serving customers in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife Livingston and throughout central Scotland.


and Recovery

AWM logo

Aquired by Beauparc 2018, AWM are a Yorkshire based waste management business that provide commercial recycling, waste disposal, collection, treatment and re-usable energy manufacturing services to clients throughout the UK. The company operates 10 facilities in the Yorkshire area and employs over 260 staff members. AWM are currently producing 140,000 tons of diverted waste-to-energy product each year — enough to power 20,000 homes and 30,000 businesses

Waste Management, Recovery and Generation