Beauparc Sustainability Report 2022

Beauparc is proud to announce the launch of our inaugural Sustainability Report. This shows our commitment to providing a more sustainable and transparent future for our stakeholders, customers, employees, and partners. Our Sustainability Report is the start of an exciting journey for the group and demonstrates our commitment to showcasing our progress in sustainability and ESG.

Read our full report here: Beauparc Sustainability Report 2022

This Sustainability Report delves into the Roll-Out of our ‘Safer Together’ Programme, our overall recycling and recovery rate of more than 80%, the management of over 3.4 million tonnes of waste across the group, the measurement of Scope 1 and Scope 2 Carbon Emissions, and the commencement of a Graduate program and Apprenticeships in the UK and Ireland.

We are proud to have conducted our first Materiality Assessment to determine the ESG condition of the group, alongside having more than 500,000 tonnes of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) processing capacity.

In order to meet new frameworks we are incorporating the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) into our sustainability reporting. This will provide more information and transparency to our stakeholders and customers, allowing them to understand our sustainability credentials and data.

Beauparc is proud to be taking a leading role in the sustainability sector, and we look forward to continuing to report on our progress in this area in the coming years.