International Operations


Bigbelly Bins

In 2018, Beauparc acquired Future Street, a distributor for Big Belly Smart Waste. Communities in 50+ countries deploy Bigbelly’s suite of smart, sensor-equipped waste stations.

Each unit communicates its real-time status and notifies crews when it is ready to be collected. This streamlines waste management operations, increases productivity, and keeps public areas clean and green.

Smart Waste &
   Recycling System



Renes joined the Beauparc group in October 2018. Based in Rotterdam, Renes is a modern innovative recycling company specialising in commercial refuse, AGF, plastic and paper recycling, security shredding, data destruction and archive storage.

Renes handles over 60,000 tonnes of paper and plastic material each year. Renes also service the largest fruit and vegetable distribution park in Europe. They offer a bespoke service to fruit distribution companies whereby both packaged and unpackaged fruit and vegetables  are collected  and processed to remove the packaging for recycling while the remaining product is sent for anaerobic digestion which is then converted to biogas. This area of the business handles over 50,000 tonnes of material each year.


   Commerial Recycling