Beauparc Enabling Education

Beauparc have committed to sponsor the National College of Ireland’s ‘Early Learning Initiative’(ELI) programme on an ongoing basis to address long-term problems of unemployment, poverty and educational underachievement in marginalised communities by enabling empowerment through education for children.

This scheme is aimed at helping children from the age of three upwards with the objective of narrowing the gap in language and mathematical development between children from disadvantaged areas of Dublin’s inner city. 

The initiative offers a two-stranded programme. Strand One, ‘Early Learning’, focusses on children under five and involves engagement with parents, care and education providers. Strand Two, ‘Stretch to Learn’, is designed to build on this foundation by providing parents and children with on-going support to see them through the education system.

The ELI has developed a number of pioneering programmes. Three early intervention initiatives have been central to the ELI’s work:

  • The Parent Child Programme (PCHP) provides parents with techniques on how to engage their children in informal learning through play
  • The Early Numeracy Programme which allows parents to play a lead role in introducing basic numeracy ideas
  • The Educational Guidance Programme for older children, which involves input from parents, children and teachers.

Beauparc will continue to commit financial support to the Early Learning Initiative to help develop children’s social, language and thinking skills from an early age – ensuring that children start school ready to learn – and with the skills and support they need to be successful throughout their education. We are thankful to be in a position to help such a fantastic cause.