Beauparc Supporting the Simon Community

Beauparc support various charities and causes year-round and this Christmas have partnered with the Simon Community who are the main beneficiary of our Christmas Gift Fund.   

In the last year, the increase in men, women and children living in very vulnerable and chaotic situations has grown substantially. We are in the middle of an appalling homeless and housing crisis and with our help, the Simon Community can address this issue and support people who are homeless or at risk of losing their home.

As reported by Focus Ireland in October of this year, over 8,000 people in Ireland are currently without a home including 1,463 families and 3,194 children. The number of homeless people and those in crisis is unfortunately rising constantly and in line with our corporate social responsibility we deem this cause one of massive significance, particularly at Christmas time in extreme weather conditions.

For Christmas 2017, Beauparc are once again donating €10,000 to provide food, shelter and permanent supported housing to those who need it most, when they need it most.  Because of our support, the Simon Community can continue to provide the vital support to people all over Ireland who have unfortunately found themselves without a home.