Dublin SRF Depot

Beauparc wish to announce that Panda and Greenstar are building a new solid recovered fuel (SRF) facility in Cappagh which will put them at the forefront of waste recovery technology.

Work on the new state of the art facility, the first of its kind in Ireland, began in late 2017 and is expected to be completed by August of this year. The new processes will allow Panda and Greenstar to maximise recycling and recovery levels and transform the remaining materials into an efficient and environmentally sustainable coal replacement.

The facility will accept dry materials from all Nationwide sites. The plant will process an average of 50 tonnes of material per hour to recover recyclable materials such as timber, plastics and metals for further processing. The remaining materials will be shred to particles under 40mm, ready to be used as a fossil fuel replacement.

This facility will employ 15 people full time and the project requires an investment of €7m to complete. The investment will allow Beauparc’s SRF production to increase from 125,000 tonnes per annum to 225,000 tonnes per annum. These 225,000 tonnes will eliminate the need for the excavation of 150,000 tonnes of coal per annum.

The processing of residual waste to produce a fuel that can be used in manufacturing as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels allows Beauparc to continue on their journey to sustainability by preserving natural resources, reducing carbon emissions, contributing to the circular economy and ensuring that waste is put to good use as a secondary resource.