Ireland’s First Electric Material Handler


Panda, a Beauparc Company are proud to have delivered its first electric Fuchs MHL831. This electric material handler is the first of its kind in Ireland. This new machine is being put to work in our Cappagh processing facility where it will handle and sort recyclable & construction materials from over 30,000 businesses. With this handler, good quality materials such as plastics, aluminium and steel are separated and recovered while the surplus is converted to a renewable energy source for use in cement kilns in Ireland. In its lifetime, our new electric handler will sort over 2 million tonnes of material while emitting zero carbon emissions.


The MHL831 has a remarkable level of energy efficiency due to its ability to adjust its total motor output in line with its actual load demand. By forgoing diesel machines and switching to electric we will save approximately 36,000kg of Co2 over the next ten years. This advancement is in line with the Beauparc drive towards sustainability and the circular economy.