AWM takes to the stage at Leeds Fest

Associated Waste Management (AWM) has joined forces with Dublin-based events specialist Ryans Cleaning Services to deliver a waste solution for Festival Republic at Leeds Fest 2019.

The three businesses have objectives that are aligned and AWM will be supporting Festival Republic to reduce the use of single use and on the go items, encourage reuse and recycling by providing a sustainable zero waste to landfill solution.

The joint initiative commences with the rollout of a waste management contract for Festival Republic at Leeds Fest 2019. The Bramham Park event will realise up to 80,000 eventgoers and generate waste throughout the three-day event period which will all be managed onsite, sorted and recycled at AWM’s nearby material recycling facility in Stourton, South Leeds.

AWM is used to managing large volume, specialist and local authority contracts and will utilise the latest recycling technology and environmentally friendly vehicles, all compliant with the ‘soon to be introduced’ Leeds Clean Air Zone to manage the waste. Now part of the growing Beauparc Utility Group, Leeds based AWM has sites throughout Yorkshire which will further reduce carbon footprint for organisers, Festival Republic.

An onsite team will commence rollout this week with the delivery of dedicated collection bins to help segregate waste into compost, recycling and minimal general waste. This joint strategy has been developed between Ryans Cleaning and AWM to provide the most efficient and effective solution of the changing face of festival environmental management.

Contract Manager, Chris Noonan commented: “We’ve seen a change in the public’s behaviour towards waste in recent years as a result of the increased focus on climate change and calls for positive action. Our business is built on eliminating waste and ensuring environmental sustainability through recycling and energy recovery.

‘We want to expand that strategy into as many aspects of society as possible so, with that in mind, this joint initiative is an opportunity for us to do our part to allow festival-goers to enjoy themselves while also having the resources available to do so in an environmentally sensible way. We want to continue encouraging people to be proactive and pledge to maintain progressive headway year-on-year.”

Leeds Fest 2019 opened its gates yesterday (21st August) and closes Sunday 25th August.

The contract will also involve the post event clean-up operation to restore the site entirely.


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