Kaleidoscope sets an example in fight against festival waste

The inaugural Kaleidoscope festival took place over the weekend and it’s already made the list as firstly, Ireland’s first family festival, it is now the example we should emulate when it comes to waste.

Festival season is rife around the country, from summer-concert series’ to three-day camping and sadly with flags and festivities comes waste – one of the biggest problems facing modern music festivals today.

Not only does the message of sustain, re-use and recycle need to be discussed in the given political climate, it also needs to be acted on.

Something that was demonstrated by Kaleidscopers at the Wicklow location.

Organisers were pleased to announce on Sunday that the fields of Russborough House were left as they were before the festival started, with families packing up their belongings and leaving the area in “immaculate condition”.

Kaleidscope festival grounds, Blessington, Co Wicklow
Kaleidscope festival grounds, Blessington, Co Wicklow

Melvin Benn, Festival Director at Festival Republic, said: “Aside from a truly wonderful weekend of music and spoken word, something which has really stood out over the whole three days is just how clean the grounds are. I am really excited to see the future of festivals in Ireland if these are the children we are bringing up.”

Panda Waste Management company also applauded the attendees for taking care of the site. “The Panda team were delighted to see how clean the festival was over the three days, for the first time at any event we have worked at we saw people walking towards the bins and making sure their waste went into the correct waste stream,” Chris Noonan, Commerical Operations Manager said.

“Children were enquiring about which were the correct bins for plastic bottles. Families were dotted around the site and had clearly thought ahead and had brought bags with them to recycle their waste. It was really refreshing to see that the whole family involved in recycling their waste”


Article courtesy of breakingnews.ie